Network management, maintenance and installation

Gestão de Redes

Network management, maintenance and installation

YFactor-S analyzes, plans and installs the network of any space minimizing the cost and inherent processes and increasing the efficiency of the network maximizing its performance. The implementation space, materials and needs of the organization are taken into account to structure the network

Why choose us?

The network is the circulatory system of an organization, and YFactor-S prepares the system so that information and operation can flow in the most effective way. The YFactor-S team uses the right tools to map the space and work on the network without disturbing the company’s operational activities.

  • Maintenance
  • Backup's
  • Database
  • Troubleshooting

To be taken into account in your decision

A well structured and organized computer network decreases incidents and optimizes the organizations operations. It is important for organizations to take into consideration the state of their network in order to avoid major problems.