Technical Rooms / Servers / Backup’s

salas técnicas

Technical Rooms/ Servers/ Backup's

Design, construction and maintenance of technical rooms; Installation of Servers and creation of Backup’s, with the purpose of creating internal or external databases and optimizing the organization’s internal communication and operation.

Why choose us?

YFactor-S understands the role of servers and technical rooms in an organization. The YFactor-S team is qualified in the creation of technical rooms, and understands the sensitivity and importance of servers within the operation, so it uses only the best tools in the planning and implementation of servers and technical rooms.

  • Maintenance
  • Backup's
  • Database
  • Troubleshooting

To take into account in your decision

An organized tech room makes it easier to find and solve problems, and is a must for organizations working with highly important data. Private tech rooms and servers promote secure data sharing and make it easier to use data.