Premium Wi-Fi Solutions

Premium Wi-Fi Solutions

YFactor-S has solutions that allow you to amplify the Wi-Fi signal throughout your space, regardless of the size of it! We map out your space and design a plan to maximize the amplification of your signal so you can get the best out of your network!

Why choose us?

YFactor-S is the right partner to prepare the Wi-Fi signal amplification plan for your home, business or commercial space. YFactor-S team is a certified team by UBIQUITI one of the market leaders in premium Wi-Fi solutions.

  • Maintenance
  • Backup's
  • Databases
  • Troubleshooting

To take into account in your decision

A stable Wi-Fi signal with a long range is a must for every space. Often, the issue is not the speed of the signal but the range of the signal and the location of the equipment and YFactor-S takes this into account before presenting its final solution.